Towing Issues In North Carolina


Lawmakers override governor's veto on boat towing

The state legislature made North Carolina history today. Lawmakers voted in a specially called session to override governor Easley's veto on a bill that eased boat towing restrictions.

It was an overwhelming vote in both the House and the Senate.

WWAY spoke with New Hanover County representative Danny McComas who was in Raleigh for the session. He said it took about 10 minutes for the House to vote, with six members voting against it.

Again, this is the first time in North Carolina history lawmakers voted to override a governor's veto.

McComas describes the session as having a somber atmosphere, with many members keeping in mind this was the governor's ninth veto.

"I think the fact that this came in at the last minute, it was vetoed by the governor on the very last day he possibly could have done it. I think the members of the boating industry and those of us that live on the coast are concerned about tourism. We just wanted to be done with it," said McComas.

McComas said they were out of their special session within an hour.

The law goes into effect immediately, right before a big holiday weekend when many boaters will likely be towing their boats.