Ballyhoo Rigs are most comonly used for Sailfish.
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Rigging A Ballyhoo For Trolling
By Bob McNally
The Ballyhoo is a small beakfish considered on of the best natural baits for mackerel, billfish, dolphin and other offshore sportfish.

Rigging A Ballyhoo For Trolling is quite different from preparing any other type bait. But once learned it's a fast, simple method of using natural bait offshore. First the hook should be prepared with the simple Ballyhoo Rig, as shown, using a size 5/0 to 10/0 hook (depending on the bait size). Next, the hook point should be worked under one side of the baits gills and maneuvered far back into the body cavity. Work the hook point out under the bait's gill cover. Now push the wire "pin" up through the center of the bait's jaws and out the top of the head in front of the eyes.

While holding the hook eye firmly to the bait's "chin", wind the light, 8-inch copper wire tightly around the bait's head, down the ballyhoo's beak, and over the leader wire. Be sure to wrap the copper wire several times around the "pin" on the bait's head, which helps hold the wire in position. Make the copper wire tight and snug, finishing near the bait's bill.

If the bait spins when trolled, usually a small knife slit made in the ballyhoo's belly just forward of the hook point will remove tension there, and will make the bait track straight without spinning.