Tips on throwing a cast net

To start with, make sure the net is free of tangles and debris then lay it on the ground in a horizontal line away from you.

Make a loop in the draw string of the net and place it around the wrist of your throwing arm.

Commence measuring off roughly metre long loops of draw string and lay them into the palm of your hand until you get to the top of the net.

Next, measure off one loop of net (for a 6-7ft net) and lay that too in the palm of your hand. For a net 8ft or over you'll need to make two loops of the net.

The bottom of the net should now be still lying on the ground at a 45 degree angle.

At this point the palm of your hand should be holding the loops approximately level with your knee to lower thigh region.

Now with your left hand, grab the bottom of the net, or leadline, and lift it over your right hand (which is still holding the loops) and let it rest on your right wrist. The net is now divided equally in two, either side of your right wrist. 

With your left hand, reach over to your right hand side (with the back of your hand facing away from you) and grab the right hand side lead line.

Place the lead line in the cradle between your thumb and forfinger and walk your fingers along the 'inside' of the net and gather about ten handfulls of net.

Next, lift this this handfull up and place it under your right hand thumb (which has a covering of net over it).

Overhang the excess to the back of your right hand.

Now you must gather the left hand side of the net by grabbing the leadline again in your left hand and holding it in the cradle between your thumb and forefinger with the back of your hand facing away from you.

Gather ten handfuls along the 'outside' of the net and hold in your left hand.

Next, lift the net off the ground and stand fully erect.

You now have an equal amount of gathered net in each hand with a small excess of netting still remaining in between.

To cast, hold the net like you're holding a bullfighter's cape with your right arm fully extended and parallel to the ground.

Your left arm should be parallel to your right, but slightly back and lower.

Your technique will determine the equal spread of the net. When you throw, your feet should be roughly one metre apart for balance and the left foot in front of the right.

The casting action is more like a flicking of your arm from the right hand side to your left shoulder, similar to a forehand tennis shot.

Release the net - both hands simultaneously - about a third of the way through the cast.

When your net hits the water your right hand should have met your left shoulder.

Once the net sinks to the bottom, slowly pull the draw string in towards you. This will close the net and trap the baitfish.

Next, carefully retrieve the net and proceed to remove your catch and place them in a container of water drawn from the immediate area.

To preserve the life of your cast net, remove any debris from the webbing and dunk it in a bucket of fresh tap water before storing it away. Avoid leaving it out in the sun for extended periods.