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What you get

   A  Banner on NCCoastalFishing.Com maximizes your advertising dollar by reaching an almost infinite audience of prospective customers while providing you with a range of options to fit any budget! 

1. Non-Linked Banner

  • Non-Linked Ads are a simple way for you to promote your company on our site. Your banners will be displayed at fixed intervals on designated  areas within our site.

2. The Linked Banner Page.

  • You can opt to have the link from your banner take the user directly to your own corporate Home Page. This Ad Page can contain information and images describing your product or service. 

  • Another option is to have your banner linked to your company's e-mail account or an e-mail form to be completed by prospective customers requesting additional information about your products.


Banner Technical Specifications

Description Specification

Image File Format:

GIF (interlaced optional) or JPG Format only

Image Content:

No profanity or nudity. No Image Maps.

Image Dimensions:

360 pixels wide by 60 pixels deep (top & bottom)
200 pixels wide by
60 pixels deep

Image File Size:

12Kb maximum

URL Format:


Banner Sponsorship Rates (15/04/2002)

360 x 60 Pixels  /  $100.00 per Year (Non-Linked)
         $120.00 (Linked)
200 x 40 Pixels  /  $75.00 per Year (Non-Linked)
          $95.00 (Linked)

Simple Text Link
$25.00 per year.

All banners must be paid for 1 year in advance and must be paid in full at the end of the period to ensure placement on the next year's rotations. You will receive a billing notice in time to maintain your banner by
 E-Mail. You may cancel by E-Mail with a written request or simply do not renew your placement. No hassles. No Refunds.

*Rates quoted in US Dollars.

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